Black Sea Crop Tour 2018

The aim of Black Sea Crop Tours is to achieve a clear and independent assessment of crop condition and yield potential of selected crops at key stages during the season.
To achieve this, we will conduct a series of Crop Tours across Russia and Ukraine through the 2018 growing season.
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We have identified five key crop stages that provided useful indicators of yield potential.
1.     Post winter crop condition - April
Post winter condition of wheat and yield forecast.
2.     Post-planting spring crop condition - June
Post planting condition of corn, sunflower and soybean, ongoing condition of wheat and yield forecasts.
3.     Pre-harvest assessment, early crops - July
Harvest progress of wheat and update yield forecast.
4.     Pre-harvest assessment, late crops - August
Pre-harvest condition of corn, sunflower and soybean and update yield forecasts.
5.     Post-planting winter crop condition - November
Post planting condition of winter wheat prior to winter.
Crop Condition Scoring Methodology
We use two techniques to assess the condition of crops.
1.     Rapid Crop Appraisal
Referring to a set of assessment criteria we score crops on a five point scale from very poor to very good.
2.     Detailed Crop Appraisal
At regular intervals along the tour the team stop and visit fields to take a detailed appraisal of the crop including plant populations, growth stage, pests, diseases or weeds, abiotic disorders in particular weather-related damage.
In addition to Rapid and Detailed Crop Appraisals the team will be looking for further information of interest, for example digging profile pits to assess soil moisture conditions and interviewing farmers to canvass opinion on the season.
Yield forecasts
We will use the crop condition scores to weight yield averages and official planting figures to determine our yield forecast.
In the absence of official planting figures, we will take an estimate based on our best researched information.
We may adjust our final yield forecast based on any additional appropriate data or information we consider to be reliable.
Results will be available through two sources.
1.     Twitter
We will post pictures, video and comments on a members only Twitter during each tour.
2.     Report
Shortly after the end of each tour we will email a full report of our findings.
We will be available by phone, skype or email after the final report is posted to answer any follow up questions.
Fees and payment Terms
Membership fees are one payment of £375 for one full season from March to November as outlined in these Terms of Reference.
Payments will be made in Pounds sterling into our nominated UK bank account on receipt of our invoice.
Bank details will be given on the invoice.
Force majeure
We will endeavour to complete our assignments in good faith but we will not be accountable in the event of force majeure.
The Consultant
Black Sea Crop Tours is the trading name of Green Square Agro Consulting Ltd.
Green Square Agro Consulting Ltd is registered in the UK with an office in Kursk, Russia.
Green Square Agro Consulting Ltd is an association of consultants specialised in providing expertise and advice for agricultural projects in the Black Sea region.
We are available for private consultancy and bespoke crop tours in the Black Sea and other regions.