Sunday, 4 March 2018

The first Black Sea Crop Tour of 2018 starts in two weeks

The first Black Sea Crop Tour of 2018 kicks off in two weeks time on 19 March.

Before then however, I’m busy on a couple of other projects that take me to Moldova next week and something to do with sugar beet in Russia the week after.

Consequently, the blog is likely to remain silent until the tour is over, numbers have been crunched, reports written and emailed out to our very kind, wise, successful and hugely attractive clients.

If you too would like to be successful and hugely attractive, drop me an email ( to register your interest in signing up to receive our season long and impartial crop updates from the Black Sea region.

In addition to the reports, which include our crop forecasts, you will gain access to our members only twitter account where I will post frequent updates, pictures and video’s during the tour, so you will be able to follow our findings, opinions and results as it happens.

Be the first to know with certainty the real condition and prospects for this year’s Black Sea wheat crop.