Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Ukraine grain yield down but quality up

As of July 18, Ukraine’s early grain harvest stands at 10mmt of grain from 3.1 million hectares (32% of the planned 9.4mha), with an average yield of 3.26mt/ha.

This breaks down like this:
  • Wheat - 5.6mmt, 1.6mha (25% of 6.3mha), average yield of 3.47mt/ha.
  • Barley - 3.7mmt, 1.2mha (48% of 2.5mha), average yield of 3.17mt/ha.
  • Peas – 617,000mt, 260,000ha (66% of 392,000ha), average yield of 2.37mt/ha.
Before you ask, no, we don’t have comparable data for last years as the ministry didn’t publish anything but they are saying the moisture deficit in June has reduced yields slightly.

They are also saying the quality of grain from the southern region is good with preliminary estimates saying the share of Class 1-3 for wheat could reach 50 to 70%.