Monday, 10 July 2017

Ukraine harvest two million tonnes of grain

As of July 7, Ukraine has harvested 683kha producing 2.1mmt of grain with an average yield of 3.10mt/ha; this represents 7% of the projected 9.4 million hectares and is made up of the following:
  • Wheat - 196,000ha (3% of 6.3mha) producing 615,000mt with an average yield of 3.14mt/ha;
  • Barley - 414,000ha (17% of 2.4mha) producing 1.3mmt with an average yield of 3.23mt/ha;
  • Peas - 73,000ha (19% of 383kha) producing 171,000mt with an average yield of 2.33mt/ha;
  • Canola - 41,000ha (5% of 821kha) producing 83,000mt with an average yield of 2.02mt/ha.
We don’t have much information on how this compares to last season as last year the Ministry didn’t release harvest data or released limited information infrequently, but looking back through my records I can see that as of 4 July the Ministry report 576kha of early grains and pulses harvested (502kha in 2015) so the pace of harvest is about the same.

Last year’s crop produced 2.0mmt with an average yield 3.5mt/ha (3.0mt/ha in 2015) so early overall yield indication are down although last year wheat was running at 3.7mt/ha and barley at 3.5mt/ha they are up.