Monday, 17 July 2017

Ukraine harvest 6.5 million tonnes of grain

Ukraine’s harvest stands at 6.5mmt of grain from 2.0mha with an average yield of 3.18mt/ha.

Ukraine are a bit rubbish at providing regular harvest information so I am currently looking at a few other sources but the yield this year is down on last year when it was running at about 3.7mt/ha.

This includes 3.1mmt of wheat from 0.90mha (14%) with an average yield of 3.42mt/ha and 2.96mmt of barley from 0.93mha (38%) with an average yield of 3.16mt/ha.

The latest USDA forecast trimmed one million tonnes off the wheat crop bringing it down to 24mmt, I dropped our forecast 1.2mmt last week on the back of lower planting figures to 26.5mmt.

We are planning to be in Ukraine next week to assess the condition of the cereal harvest and to update our forecast if necessary. 

We will also be looking at corn, sunflower and soya and will be adjusting our forecast there if required.

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