Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Latest USDA weather update for western FSU

Much-needed rain improved crop prospects in central and northern Ukraine, while conditions remained favourable for summer crops in Russia.

After a protracted dry spell during the spring and early summer across central and northern Ukraine, 10 to 70 mm of rain provided timely moisture for corn, soybeans, and sunflowers approaching or entering reproduction.

Similar rainfall amounts sustained good to excellent summer crop prospects in western Ukraine, while light to moderate showers (5-20 mm) in eastern Ukraine benefited budding sunflowers.

In Russia, light to moderate showers (1-20 mm) and near- to below-normal temperatures maintained excellent yield prospects for spring grains and summer crops approaching (north) or progressing through (south) the reproductive stages of development.

In western Russia, rainfall over the past 60 days has averaged 100 to 200 percent of normal, ensuring good soil moisture reserves for crop development, though the wet weather likely slowed winter wheat drydown and harvesting somewhat.

Elsewhere, light to moderate showers (2-20 mm) in Moldova were beneficial for reproductive corn, while moderate to heavy rain (10-50 mm) in Belarus eased short-term precipitation deficits and improved moisture supplies for flowering spring grains.

Untimely heat was not a concern, although spring grains and summer crops were developing two to three weeks behind average in west-central Russia (southern Volga and northern Southern Districts) due to the recent spell of cool, showery weather.