Thursday, 6 July 2017

Latest USDA weather update for western FSU

Showers maintained good to excellent summer crop prospects in Russia and eased drought in north-central Ukraine. 

In Russia, 60-day rainfall through July 1 has averaged 100 to 200 percent of normal, ensuring adequate to abundant moisture reserves as spring grains and summer crops approached or entered the reproductive stages of development. 

During the past week, showers and thunderstorms continued in Russia, albeit more variable, with totals in key southern corn and sunflower areas ranging from a trace to 42 mm. 

Widespread moderate to heavy rainfall (10-90 mm) was reported from Belarus into northern Russia, sustaining abundant moisture supplies for crop development.

In Ukraine, much-needed rain (10-24 mm) in central portions of the country eased drought, though 60-day precipitation totals remained below 50 percent of normal in many key growing areas. 

Elsewhere in Ukraine, moderate to heavy showers (10-40 mm) improved prospects for soybeans and corn in the west as well as vegetative sunflowers in east- central growing areas. 

Dry weather lingered over south- central Ukraine, increasing concerns over developing drought in areas just inland from the Black Sea Coast. 

Despite the much-needed rain in Ukraine, building heat (33-36°C) increased evapo-transpiration rates and largely offset the benefits of the past week’s rain.