Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Russian grain harvest officially started

The Russian harvest has officially started in Adygea, Dagestan and Krasnodar.

The Ministry report that adverse weather conditions delayed spring sowing and seasonal field work and as a result harvest has started two weeks later than last year, which I’m not sure is entirely accurate as the first crops harvested will be overwintered cereals particularly barley, which would have been planted last autumn.

As of June 26, they have cut 30,500 hectares and harvested 117.9kmt of grains with an average yield of 3.87mt/ha.

That compares with 258,800 hectares last year producing 1.1mmt with an average yield of 4.42mt/ha.

The full harvest will really get going in the Southern and North Caucasian Federal District during the first two weeks of July.

(The Russian Ministry of Agriculture also includes the Republic of Crimea in their harvest reports.)