Thursday, 29 June 2017

Early Russian harvest lags behind last year

The current Russian harvest now stands at 85,500ha producing 380,800mt with an average yield of 4.45mt/ha.

At the same point, last year farmers had cut 486,000ha so they’ll need to push now if they are to catch up and support new crop exports to the same levels.

A couple of things in their favour that might help farmers speed up harvest.

Weather conditions in southern Russia, where the harvest is currently taking place, have improved which will help with dry down and keep combines moving.

Plus there is much less crop lying on the floor compared to this time last year which will help combines move through the crop at a faster rate and there is less straw about this year with shorter crops which will also improve the forward speed of the harvesters.

Although the pace of harvest is slower this year, the yield of 4.45mt/ha is slightly better than last year when it was running at 4.36mt/ha at the same point although it is very early to make any real call on that.

We'll continue to watch the numbers as the crop comes in.