Friday, 19 May 2017

Russia’s Belgorod region open for business

Earlier this week the Governor of Belgorod held a meeting with a delegation from embassies of the UK, US, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and the Republic of South Africa.

The delegation spent two days in the Belgorod getting acquainted with the investment climate and researching the possibility of partnerships in agro-industrial projects.

According to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, the foreign representatives were particularly interested in horticultural and agricultural biotechnology and vegetable greenhouse production, while the Belgorod representatives noted that there are opportunities in dairy farming, aquaculture and processing of agricultural products.

The Governor of Belgorod said, “We are open to dialogue and cooperation and look forward to the same constructive attitude of your business” and “In the coming years we plan to plant thirty-two thousand hectares of gardens [orchards] and provide one million tons of apples, build at least five hundred hectares of modern greenhouses, to take at least 15-20% of the Russian market of greenhouse vegetables. So, welcome in Belgorod! This is good for everyone!"

Heady stuff.  If you’re interested in investing in Belgorod or elsewhere in Russia give me a call, I might be able to help you get started.