Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Latest USDA weather update for western FSU

Rain returned, maintaining good to excellent prospects for winter wheat while improving soil moisture for summer crop planting and establishment in previously-dry portions of Ukraine.

In southern Ukraine, light showers (2-10 mm) sustained soil moisture supplies for jointing to heading winter wheat.

Meanwhile, beneficial rain (10-20 mm) in north-central Ukraine eased soil moisture deficits following a protracted dry spell (locally less than 50 percent of normal over the past 90 days), though more rain will be needed to fully ease the impacts of this spring’s acute dryness.

Elsewhere in Ukraine, 10 to 40 mm of rain maintained good conditions for recently-planted soybeans (west) and sunflowers (east).

In southwestern Russia, 10 to 40 mm of rain sustained excellent prospects for winter wheat as it approached or progressed through the reproductive phases of development.

Freezes during the period (-3 to -1°C) over the northern half of the region were not a concern for winter wheat, which was in the freeze-tolerant tillering and jointing stages of development in these more northerly growing areas.