Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Latest USDA weather update for eastern FSU

Despite occasional showers, the planting of spring wheat (north) and cotton (south) was able to proceed without significant delay.

Spring wheat is typically sown in early to mid-May in central Russia and northern Kazakhstan (a bit sooner in the southeastern Volga District), and this week’s light to moderate showers (2-10 mm) did not significantly impede planting efforts in Kazakhstan and Siberia District.

Somewhat heavier showers (10-20 mm) in the Russia’s Urals District likely slowed fieldwork somewhat, though delays were not protracted.

Farther south, irrigated winter wheat progressed into the early filling stage of development in eastern Uzbekistan in good to excellent condition.

In addition, scattered showers (2-20 mm) in Uzbekistan and southern Kazakhstan did not significantly delay cotton planting efforts.