Thursday, 11 May 2017

Latest spring planting figures for Russia

As of May 10, Russia’s spring sowing stood at 16.5 million hectares, or 25.3% of the forecast.

Spring grain crops have been sown on an area of 7.7mha, or 31.4% of the target area including 1.9mha of spring wheat, 3.8mha of spring barley and 1.9mha of corn.

Other combinable crops plantings include 2.8mha of sunflower or 39.3% of the forecast and 623kha of soybean or 27.5% of the forecast.

Sugar beet planting are nearly complete at 1.1mha or 92.7% of the forecast, potatoes are 80kha or 23.8% of the forecast and 66kha of vegetables which represents 32.4% of the forecast.