Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Ukraine latest spring planting numbers

Ukraine has planted 2.6mha of spring crops or 36% of the forecast (7.2mha).

This including early spring grain and legumes sown on an area of 2.2mha or 94% of the forecast 2.4 million hectares and is made up of 155,000ha of spring wheat (86% of forecast); 1.5mha of spring barley (92% of forecast); 192,000ha of oats (93%) and 372,000ha of peas (113%).

Sunflower planting is well underway with 1.3mha or 24% from a forecast 5.4mha planted, corn is just getting underway with 342,000ha or 8% of the forecast 4.5mha, while soya planting has hardly started with 31,000ha or 2% planted thus far.

Sugar beet planting stands at 263,000ha or 90% of the forecast which to my mind seems incredibly early and makes me wonder how much of that crop will bolt and go to seed given we could still see some cold temperatures in April.