Monday, 10 April 2017

Ukraine crop update

As of April 7, Ukraine had planted the first 4,000 hectares from the planned 1.9mha of soyabeans.

Sugar beet stood at 158kha from the planned 293kha and 348kha of sunflower from the planned 5.4mha

Early grain and leguminous crops are ​​2.0mha from 2.4mha including 134kha of spring wheat from a planned 190kha; 1.4mha of spring barley from 1.7mha and 163kha of oats from 208kha.

Peas stood at 339kha from the planned 276kha which just goes to show the concept of centrally planned cropping is in fact a myth.

Fertiliser has been applied to ​​7.0mha of the forecast 7.1mha of winter cereals and ​​859kha of the forecast 872kha of winter rape.