Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Russia's concessional agri-loans project turns to IT

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia are having another go at pushing through their concessional agri-loans projects, this time by turning it into an IT project.

Back in January, Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture and the state agricultural bank, Rosselkhozbank, signed an agreement on the implementation of preferential crediting for agricultural enterprises but it appears the banks are dragging their heels implementing the scheme.

To address the problem the Russian Ministry of Agriculture is developing an information system to automate and speed up the loan application process by eliminating paper work.

Now "Russian Ministry" and "eliminating paper work" are not two phrases you normally see in the same sentence so I'm not entirely how that's going to work out.

Plus we can all think of our own government departments that have turned to technology in an effort to speed up and streamline the process only to find that it ends up doing precisely the opposite.

Undaunted, the Ministry is forging ahead with a pilot version which will be launched later this week.

"The use of information system will optimize the registry processing" said the Director of Development Department and the management of public information resources, Igor Kozubenko.

Do you want to tell Igor or shall I?