Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Russia latest spring planting numbers

Russian spring sowing stand at 4.7 million hectares or 9% of the forecast with work underway in all regions except Siberia and the Ural federal districts.

Spring cereals and legumes seeded on an area of 2.8mha or 9% of the target area, including spring wheat on 296,500ha, spring barley on 1.5mha and corn on 403,000ha.

Sunflower plantings stand at 685,000ha or 9.6% of the forecast while soya stands at 17,300ha or 0.8% of the forecast.

There are 526,500ha or 46.6% of the forecast sugar beet planted and in Rostov the first 100ha (0.7% of forecast) of rice has been planted.

Potatoes planted on 31,400ha or 9.3% of the forecast and vegetables 33,300ha or 16.3% of the forecast.