Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Russia plant 6.4 million hectares

As of April 24 Russia spring sowing stood at 6.4 million hectares, or 12.2% of the forecast.

Spring field work began in all regions, except for the Siberian and Ural federal districts.

Spring cereals and legumes seeded on an area of 3.7 million hectares or 11.9% of the target area including 1.8mh of spring barley, 427Kha of spring wheat and 793kha of corn.

Sunflower planting stands at 997kha or 13.9% of the forecast and soybean at 52kha or 2.3% of the forecast.

Sugar beet stands at 629kha or 55.7% of the forecast, potatoes 33kha or 9.9% and 37kha of vegetables or 18.4% of the forecast.