Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Latest USDA weather update for western FSU

Favorable showers in Russia contrasted with increasing short-term drought in central Ukraine.

Rain (and wet snow) sustained ample moisture supplies for winter wheat development over most of southern and western Russia.

Precipitation totaled 5 to 30 mm, though amounts were less (1-5 mm) in southwestern portions of the Southern District.

In Ukraine, key wheat areas in central and southern portions of the country remained dry (2 mm or less), increasing concerns over short-term drought; precipitation over the past 60 days has totaled less than 50 percent of normal in many key wheat areas of south-central Ukraine.

In contrast, moisture supplies remained favorable across the western third of Ukraine and neighboring Belarus and Moldova, maintaining favorable conditions for corn and soybean sowing (typically planted in late April and early May).

Likewise, light showers (2-8 mm) in eastern Ukraine sustained moisture reserves for upcoming sunflower planting (first half of May).