Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Latest USDA weather update for Europe

Warmer-than-normal weather prevailed, with beneficial showers in northeastern Europe contrasting with increasing dryness in western growing areas.

High pressure maintained dry, warm weather (2-8°C above normal) over the western half of the continent.

While the sunny skies promoted spring grain planting as well as winter crop development, short-term dryness (25-50 percent of normal precipitation over the past 30 days) has continued to reduce soil moisture over Spain, France, southeastern England, and western Germany.

The lack of rain is particularly untimely in Spain, where winter grains are approaching or progressing through the reproductive stages of development.

Meanwhile, a series of disturbances produced widespread showers (5-25 mm, locally more) in eastern Germany, Poland, Lithuania, and the northern Balkans, sustaining favorable moisture for vegetative wheat and rapeseed.

Dry weather from Italy into southeastern Europe promoted seasonal fieldwork, including early planting of corn, soybeans, and cotton.