Friday, 10 March 2017

Ukraine start planting

Ukraine's Ministry of Agriculture report spring planting is now underway in the south of the country with the first 600ha planted of which 500ha is peas, 60ha barley and 40ha oats.

Keep in mind that 600 hectares is a field in Ukraine, so the ministry is actually reporting one farm started planting.

According to preliminary ministry reports, the total planted area for 2017 is expected to reach 26.8 million hectares which are almost the same as 2016.

All grain crop planting is expected to reach 14.4mha or 54% of total crop area which the ministry conveniently report meets the standards for optimum ratio crops in the rotation whatever that is.

Planting of spring crops is forecast at 7.2mha including 2.4mha of spring cereals.