Sunday, 12 March 2017

The first Black Sea crop tour of 2017 is up and running

There will be a reduced service on the blog this week as we are out and about assessing the post-winter condition of wheat which will allow us to make our first yield forecast for Russia and Ukraine.

This is the first of ten Black Sea crop tours we have planned for 2017.

We will drive around 2,000km starting in Russia before crossing the border to Ukraine taking in a representative sample of the main wheat growing regions.

During the tour, we will post pictures, video and commentary on our dedicated tour Twitter account (@BSCT17) which is open to members only.

Shortly after the end of the tour, we will email members our full tour reports including our first yield forecast of the season based on our assessment of crop condition.

There are plenty of analysts currently reporting Black Sea wheat crop is in good condition but we will be the only ones that actually go there and independently take a look for ourselves.

If you would like to sign up to access the tour Twitter account and receive reports for this tour and follow the rest of the tours planned throughout the season all for only £350, then email us at and we’ll send you details on how to subscribe.

Further details can be found on our Black Sea Crop Tour 2017 page.

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