Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Ukrainian 2016 agricultural exports worth USD15billion

Ukraine exported USD 15.5 billion worth of agricultural and food products last year which accounted for 42.5% of all exports.

According to Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Olga Trofimtsevoyi, Ukrainian exports of agricultural products increased by 4.5% compared to 2015 year.

The Deputy Minister said "we see considerable potential for increasing exports of agricultural and food products, provide diversification of the commodity structure and increasing the share of processed food products with higher added value in total exports."

She went on to note that the main export products in 2016 were still traditional products like cereals, oils and oilseeds but also included soya, sugar and meat.

The largest recipient of Ukrainian agricultural produce was Asia taking nearly 46% of all exports followed by the EU with 28%, African countries with 16% and the CIS with 7.7%.

The US took less than 1% which is unlikely to increase if Trump succeeds in pushing through his protectionist policies.