Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Ukraine's Ministry of Agriculture submit 11 bills to Parliament

Yesterday, Ukraine’s Ministry of Agriculture submitted 11 bills to the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) to be passed into law.

I’ll be the first admit I struggle to fathom how Ukraine’s Parliament functions but if I understand correctly, if the Verkhovna Rada vote these bills through then they go on to be law.

Of the 11 bills submitted, seven have already been considered by committees of Parliament and recommended for adoption which sounds like a shoo-in.

Leaving aside the process, I think the bills give a useful insight into the direction Ukraine’s agriculture and food business is going in.

The first bill is the de-monopolisation of the alcohol industry, specifically it seems the privatisation of the state owned alcohol producer, Ukrspirt, who produce vodka and industrial alcohol which I can imagine is a lucrative business in Ukraine. 

The official line is there is a need to promote the legalisation of the alcohol market to attract investment but it will be worth watching to see who gets to benefit from its privatisation.

Other bills include organic farming; baby nutrition; food safety; land issues; regulation of sugar production and sales; insurance of agricultural production; European integration; export duties on live cattle and rawhide and something to do with documents for grain storage.