Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Latest USDA weather update for Europe

Warm, wet weather in southern Europe contrasted with dry, increasingly cold conditions in the north.

A strong area of high pressure over Scandinavia maintained dry, chilly weather (1-5°C below normal) from Germany and the Low Countries into Poland and the Baltic States.

While much of the northern Europe snowpack has melted, there were no incursions of bitter cold during the past week; consequently, dormant wheat and rapeseed continued to overwinter in satisfactory condition.

Meanwhile, a series of Atlantic storms marched east before being deflected south across the Mediterranean Sea, triggering widespread moderate to heavy rain (10-70 mm) across much of western and southern Europe.

The showers in England and France improved moisture reserves for dormant winter crops following a drier-than-normal autumn.

Farther south, the rain was beneficial for vegetative winter wheat and barley in Spain and Italy, while snow in the mountains improved spring runoff prospects for irrigated summer crops.