Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Black Sea Crop Tour 2017 latest update

It’s been quiet on the Black Sea so far this week, not much to report which suits me as I am busy preparing and planning for the start of our crop touring season.

I’m keeping a close eye on the satellite images waiting for snow to clear then I’ll leave it ten days or so to give the crop time to green up as it makes observations easier rather than looking at brown fields.

In the past, weather conditions meant it was April before we started touring in earnest although I am hoping this year we will be up and running during March.

I’m not anticipating any major issues on post-winter crop condition this year as on the whole the winter has been fairly kind but there are a few regions where snow has been absent in southern Russia and Ukraine that we will want to take a closer look at and there are reports that an ice crust in Ukraine might start to do some damage if it doesn’t thaw soon.

As in previous years we will cover a representative route and call in on a few farms during the trip and I will give a running commentary with video and pictures on a subscriber’s only twitter account so you will be able to follow us in real time.

This year we are planning on making more use of videos and drones which we hope will help communicate crop condition better.

At the end of each tour I will post subscribers a written report of our findings and assessments with our predictions on what crop yields might be.

This will be our third full year of touring the Black Sea region and are grateful for all the support we have received in the past.

We are the only independent crop assessment service operating in the Black Sea region and rely entirely on subscriptions to make it happen.

If you like to support us and access our independent findings then please email me to register your interest.


Last year’s Twitter account is now open @BSCT_01 where you will be able to find videos, pictures and commentary from the 2016 season and last years full reports are also available, email me and I will forward them to you.