Tuesday, 31 January 2017

US ready to negotiate on Ukraine organic wheat

The United States is ready to negotiate the supply of organic wheat from Ukraine according to Ukraine’s Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food.

During a TV interview the Minister said that US food is highly regulated and it is difficult to enter the market with new products but the US are ready to negotiate on organic wheat.

The Minister said that it takes time to convert land to organic which is not a problem in Ukraine as land is not so contaminated.

I might be getting the nuance of his translation wrong here but if that is what he said then I’m not entirely sure he understand how conversion to organic or organic standards work.

In line with previous announcements the Minister went on to stress that the although Ukraine currently produce and export a small amount of organic products compared to the organic world market, the future for Ukraine organic market is very large.

I couldn’t agree more but let’s hope the Minister understands how the organic market works or someone appraises him very soon otherwise when he finds out you can use sprays and fertiliser on organic farms he’s going to have a fit.

According to Ukraine’s Agricultural Ministry, Ukraine currently cultivates about 400,000 hectares of organic land and 80% of organic products are exported.