Thursday, 5 January 2017

Ukraine's organic production takes another step forward

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers voted to support a law on the general principles and requirements of organic production, handling and labelling.

Organic production is one of Ukraine’s priority agricultural policy areas but it was recognised that the main constraint for the development of the sector and access to world markets was a lack of regulatory and legislative framework.

The global market for organic produce is now estimated at $80 billion with the US and EU accounting for about 80% of the demand therefore it makes perfect sense for any country or indeed farm business to consider the marketing opportunity that organic production affords.

Ukraine is well placed to capitalise on that opportunity both in terms of market location right next door to the EU and warm water ports providing export opportunities to the US, and the suitability of land to organic production.

Ukraine’s farm land has been virtually organic by default in as much as inputs have been low over the last few decades leaving it in a better position to start organic farming.

What has been missing is the assurance that what you are buying is indeed organic; this new law won’t change that overnight but it is a step in the right direction and illustrates an intent of Ukraine’s agricultural policy.

Throw in a bit of sexy marketing and I can see a time in the not too distant future when we will all be buying organic breakfast cereal made from healthy Ukraine grains naturally sun ripened out on the open steppe.