Monday, 16 January 2017

Ukraine's grain harvest reached a record 66 million tonnes

According to preliminary statistics released by Ukraine’s Ministry of Agriculture today, the production of grain and leguminous crops in 2016 was 66mmt.

This is a record harvest in the history of Ukraine and 5.9mmt more than in 2015.

Overall, the total average yield was 4.61mt/ha and consisted of the following.
  • wheat 26.0mmt with a yield of 4.21mt/ha;
  • corn almost (their reporting not mine) 28mmt with a yield of 6.60mt/ha;
  • barley 9.4mmt with a yield of 3.30mt/ha;
  • sunflower 13.6mmt with a yield of 2.24mt/ha;
  • soybean 4.3mmt with a yield of 2.31mt/ha;
  • sugar beet 13.9mmt with a yield of 48.2mt/ha;
  • potatoes 20.9mmt with a yield of 16.0mt/ha.
Some good results there but still room for improvement.