Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Ukraine has exported over 23 million tons of grain

Ukraine’s Ministry of Agriculture report this morning that as of the beginning of January the country has exported 23.07mmt of grains in the current marketing year, up 1.44mmt on the same period last year.

The projected 2016/17 supply of grain is 71.6mmt, of which 64.2mmt is from production, 7.1mmt carryover and 0.37mmt imports.

Individual crop supply includes 29.1mmt of corn, 28.8mmt of wheat, 10.1mmt barley, 0.45mmt rye, 0.197mmt buckwheat and 3mmt of other crops.

The Ministry estimate 23.5mmt is required for domestic consumption and 40.2mmt is available for exports of which 23.07mmt has already been shipped leaving 17mmt left for the rest of the marketing year.