Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Ukraine: 60% of winter wheat varieties are strong

In Ukraine there are currently 320 varieties of winter wheat included in the State Register of plant varieties with 204 identified as strong and suitable for commercial use.

To put that into context the UK has about forty wheat varieties on its current recommended list.

According to the Director of the Plant Production Institute of Ukraine, the number of wheat varieties approved for cultivation has increased 10 times compared with 1990 which is said like it's a good thing.

The Director goes on to say that the average yield of wheat grew from 3.3mt/ha to 8.4mt/ha which I presume he means the potential under trial conditions because he does acknowledge that commercial grain productivity is realized not by more than half which is bit of an understatement.

Despite the best efforts of Ukraine’s seed breeding institute’s wheat yields are, in real terms, no better than when Rick Astley was all over the radio singing Never Gonna Give You Up.