Thursday, 19 January 2017

Latest USDA weather update for Europe

A slow-moving storm brought widespread snow to dormant winter crops in central and eastern Europe, while dry conditions lingered in southwestern growing areas.

In Spain, sunny skies and near-normal temperatures were favourable for vegetative winter wheat and barley.

However, localized but pronounced short-term drought continued to adversely impact crop development in northwestern Spain (Castilla y León), where 60 day precipitation has totalled less than 50% of normal.

In France - where similar dryness has been noted over the past 60 days - 10 to 25mm of rain improved moisture reserves for dormant to semi-dormant winter crops.

Meanwhile, widespread snow (5-25cm, locally more) insulated dormant winter grains and oilseeds from Germany into Poland and the Balkans.

However, snow cover remained shallow and patchy in northern Serbia and western Romania, where additional burnback or freeze damage was possible from temperatures as low as -19°C.

Chilly weather also prevailed across the Mediterranean region; for the second consecutive week, hard freezes in typically warmer Mediterranean coastal areas may have caused some damage to sensitive specialty crops.