Friday, 16 December 2016

Ukraine has exported 12 billion USD of agricultural products so far this year

According to the State Statistics Service, Ukraine exported agricultural products worth 11.83 billion USD accounting for 40.7% of national exports.

During the same period Ukraine imported agricultural products worth 3.10 billion USD dollars, accounting for 9.9% of national import.

Thus the balance of trade in agricultural goods was worth 8.73 billion USD.

The biggest share in Ukrainian exports was cereals (4.8 billion USD), animal or vegetable fats and oils (3.1 billion USD) and food products (1.8 billion USD).

Imports are predominantly vegetable products (1 billion USD) and food products (1.4 billion USD).

In 2015 agricultural exports amounted to 14.56 billion USD (38.1% of national exports) and imports 3.47 billion USD (9.3% of national imports) with a balance of trade worth 11.09 billion USD.