Monday, 24 October 2016

Ukraine's latest harvest and planting figures

Ukraine’s Ministry of Agriculture have released the latest harvest and planting figures.

Corn harvest currently stands at 12.5mmt (14.8mmt in 2015) from 2.1mha (51%) which gives an average yield of 5.9mt/ha.

Sunflower harvest is running at ​​11.3mmt (10.3mmt in 2015) from 5.2mha (87%) with an average yield of 2.17mt/ha.

Soya harvest is 3.2mmt (3.3mmt in 2015) from 1.5mha (81%) with an average yield of 2.1mt/ha.

Meanwhile total winter crop plantings stand 5.9mha (6.0mha in 2015) from a forecast final figure of 7.4mha.

This includes 5.3mha of winter wheat and triticale (5.2mha in 2015) from a forecast 6.2mha which means plantings are at 85%, which also means they will have to get a move on to get the final million hectares planted in the next ten days or so.

Given that the Ministry reported the final wheat area for 2015 harvest was 6.2mha, this means we could potentially be looking at a slight increase in hectares for 2017 spring and winter wheat depending on how the next few days work out.

Winter barley plantings stand at 544kha (637kha in 2015) from a forecast 1.0mha which I don’t see increasing much now.

Winter rape plantings are ​​777kha or 107% of what was forecast.

And finally, as of October 24, 2016, Ukraine’s Ministry of Agriculture report the buckwheat harvest is finished with 187kmt of Ukraine’s favourite food now safely in the shed.