Monday, 31 October 2016

Ukraine harvest 53mmt of grain

Ukraine Ministry of Agriculture report the current harvest stands at 53.7mmt of grains (53.3mmt in 2015) from 12.5mha or 87%.

The overall average yield is 4.30 mt/ha with the breakdown looking like this;
  • corn 14.7mmt from 2.4mha (59%) with an average yield of 5.90mt/ha
  • sunflower 11.8mmt from 5.4mha (92%) with an average yield of 2.19mt/ha
  • soya 3.4mmt from 1.5mha (86%) with an average yield of 2.19mt/ha
As of October 28, farmers had planted 6.4mha of winter crops for H17 or 87% of the planned area, up 279kha on 2015.

This includes 5.5mha of winter wheat and triticale, 698kha of winter barley, 152kha of winter rye and 796kha of winter oilseed rape.