Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Russia has harvested 116mmt of grain

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture report the country has harvested more than 116mmt of grain.

As of October 18, 2016 the country has harvested 116.3mmt of grain, 13% more than the same period last year (103.1mmt in 2015) and at an average yield of 2.4mt/ha (2.4mt/ha in 2015).

Grains have been harvested from ​​44.1mha or 93.4% of the cultivated area (42.8mha in 2015) which suggests Russia’s current increase in grain output is coming from an increase in planted hectares rather than any significant uplift in yield.

Planting of winter crops for next harvest stands at 15.7mha, or 90.2% of the area target (15.1mha in 2015).