Thursday, 27 October 2016

Black Sea crop tour starts next week

Here at Agronomy Towers we are gearing up for the last Black Sea Crop Tour of the season.

Middle of next week will see us travelling through Russia and Ukraine to assess the condition of the autumn planted wheat crop as it moves in to dormancy and disappears under the snow.

At some point each winter we normally experience a minor crisis when the crop is considered to be at risk, usually because of a mini thaw or extreme cold or a combination of both.

Assessing the crop now will give us some confidence of what might be happening to the plants when they are under snow and inaccessible and give us a sense of the crops capability to stand up to whatever the winter may bring.

This will then lead on to the first crop tour of next spring when we will look at the post winter condition of the crop as it emerges from under the snow.

As an agronomist I would be doing this anyway, having a feel for the crop condition would allow me to adjust inputs according to yield potential come the spring.

Having an understanding of the crop pre and post winter will allow us to better gauge yield potential projections through next year.

If you would like to support us and subscribe to our autumn tour for $250 send me an email.

This will give you access to the members only Twitter account where I will post pictures, short video and commentary on what we are seeing as we are seeing it plus a follow up report detailing our findings and thoughts once we have finished.

Next spring we will be again offering an annual subscription for all the tours we have planned for the year, I will be posting details on this in due course.

We are the only independent independent crop assessment operating in the Black Sea region, drop me a line if you have any questions.