Thursday, 27 October 2016

Kazakhstan harvest 23mmt of grain

The Kazakhstan Ministry of Agriculture report that, as of October 27, the total grain harvest stands at 23.6mmt which is an increase of 3.9mmt on last year.

Harvest is all but finished with 15.34mha cut giving an average yield of 1.53mt/ha, up 200kg from 2015.

About 75% of Kazakh wheat is produced in three oblasts located in north-central Kazakhstan: Kostanai, Akmola and North Kazakhstan.

Wheat has been an important crop for the country in the past although production has been in decline as the agricultural policy favours livestock production particularly dairy.

I’ve had the privilege of visiting Kazakhstan in the past and would recommend a trip, the farming is fascinating and the hospitality is legendary and we are hoping to start including Kazakhstan in next years crop tours.