Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Highlights from the latest USDA report for Ukraine

The latest USDA GAIN report for Ukraine has been released, here’s a few of the highlights.

All grains demonstrate higher yields as the result of favourable weather conditions.

Wheat output for 2016 is 26.6mmt, down only 2.5% on last year despite a drop in winter crop hectares.  

According to industry sources, 60% is milling grade and 40% is feed (I don’t buy that).

Barley production is 9.7mmt, up 13% on last year.

Corn harvest is in progress but expected to be up 10% on last year at 26mmt based on expanded production areas.

Wheat food consumption as well as feed consumption for all grains has been downscaled based on shrinking animal numbers, the difficult economic situation, and change in consumer preferences.

Decreased domestic consumption and lower ending stocks for grains allowed for higher exports.

Farmers are currently planting winter grains and as of October 4 had sown 3.6mha wheat, 119kha of rye and 181kha of barley 2016.

These numbers are 3-8% lower compared to the previous year.

Planting decisions made by farmers in regard to winter grains are being impacted by both economic factors (low grain prices) and weather conditions (dry soils at end September, wet soils by mid-October).