Thursday, 20 October 2016

Cereal mycotoxin levels up

Here’s an interesting story in this weeks All About Feed publication.

The Belgium feed industry, who systematically monitor raw materials for the presence of mycotoxins, found that out of 498 post-harvest grain samples tested, 64% contained at least one mycotoxin above the limit of detection.

In the 2015 the result was 34% and in 2014 this was 48%.

The Belgian Compound Feed Industry Association who conducted the survey say the increase in contamination level in this year’s harvest is the result of less favourable growth circumstances by which I think they mean it was wet.

Bearing in mind Belgium farmers achieve some top wheat yields and don’t hold back on fungicides, perhaps it indicates a quality issue currently sitting in bunkers across Europe and beyond.

I know for a fact Ukraine and Russian wheat receives next to no fungicides by comparison and it’s been a wet growing season there.

Also worth keeping in mind this survey only tested post-harvest contamination levels and mycotoxin contamination can increase during storage.