Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ukraine harvest 35mmt of grains

Ukraine's Ministry of Agriculture report the harvest stands at 35mmt from 9.0mha with an average yield of 3.9mt/ha.

As of last Friday wheat harvest was 93% complete with 24.4mmt yielding a respectful 4.2mt/ha (62bu/ac), up on last years 3.8mt/ha crop (56bu/ac).

Barley harvest is 96% finished with 9.3mmt yielding 3.4mt/ha (63bu/ac), also up on last years 3.0mt ha crop (55bu/ac).

In other news Ukraine's buckwheat harvest is expected to reach 174kmt, up 36% on last year with the extra supply anticipated to reduce the cost of the national staple.

Buckwheat is considered such a important crop that the Ministry of Agriculture jointly with the Anti-monopoly Committee consider it appropriate to track the entire supply chain from farm to retailers shelves.