Monday, 13 June 2016

Second Black Sea Crop Tour successfully completed

We have successfully completed the second Black Sea Crop Tour of 2016.

I have yet to add up the route but I think we covered around 4KKM across Ukraine and Russia taking in central, southern and eastern Ukraine and central and southern Russia.

Those of you that subscribe will have followed events through the members only Twitter account and been able to watch the tour through pictures, videos and comments.

There are a couple of issues that have the potential to impact on harvest 2016 and as yet these are not being picked up by the mainstream media and I believe these issues could only be ascertained by driving across the grain growing regions first hand.

I am now back in the office writing up the follow up reports for both countries and these will be sent out to subscribers shortly.

If you would like to subscribe and support our service and then drop me a line, you will then be able to access the members Twitter account (with pictures, video and comments), receive copies of the tour reports (and the previous tours) and follow three more tours scheduled for this year.

Thanks to my team for helping me organise and run each tour and to our members who's support and contribution makes the whole thing happen.