Friday, 24 June 2016

Russian harvest update

Russian Ministry of Agriculture report 124kha of grain and leguminous crops harvested so far (64kha in 2015) producing 587kmt with an average yield 4.7mt/ha (4.6mt/ha in 2015).

Republic of Adygea harvested 50.3kmt from 9.8kha to yield 5.1mt/ha (5.5mt/ha in 2015); Stavropol 336kmt from 75.6kha with an average yield of 4.5mt/ha (3.9mt/ha in 2015); Krasnodar harvested 194kmt from 36kha with an average yield of 5.4mt/ha (5.9mt/ha in 2015).

My early reports on quality is variable from poor to great, I assume that’ll settle down as we get more samples in.