Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Latest USDA weather update for western and eastern FSU

Western FSU
Additional widespread showers sustained favourable soil moisture supplies for vegetative to reproductive winter wheat, though the wet weather continued to slow fieldwork.

An upper air disturbance drifted across the region, producing widespread showers and thunderstorms (5-30 mm) over Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia.

The rainfall maintained adequate to abundant soil moisture for vegetative (north) to reproductive (south) winter wheat.

However, the unsettled conditions slowed or temporarily halted summer crop and spring wheat planting, particularly in southern and eastern portions of the region.

Temperatures averaged near normal in most major growing areas, with no untimely freezes or early-season heat reported.

Eastern FSU
Sunny, cool weather in the north contrasted with locally heavy showers in southern portions of the region.

Across the primary spring wheat belt (northern Kazakhstan and neighbouring portions of central Russia), dry weather enabled a rapid sowing pace.

This week’s freezes (-6 to - 2°C) did not pose much - if any - threat to recently emerged spring wheat.

Farther south, moderate to heavy showers and thunderstorms (10-40 mm, locally more) over central and eastern Uzbekistan provided supplemental moisture for irrigated winter wheat, which was likely progressing through the reproductive stages of development.