Friday, 25 March 2016

The Black Sea Crop Tour finally gets underway

The latest official winter crop condition for Ukraine published yesterday show that from the 6.9mha of crop that emerged in the autumn 5.1mha or 75% are in good and satisfactory condition with 1.7mha or 25% in poor condition.

Which doesn’t sound good and even more so if you recognise there is a tendency to embellish the positive when collecting data so things could actually be much worse.

With that in mind I have planned a crop tour route through Ukraine’s more harder hit regions in southern and eastern oblasts to take a view on the situation there myself. 

But before that I set off to Russia in the morning to assess the post winter crop condition there which has so far been reported as generally good with no significant issues.

There is still plenty of time to subscribe if you would like to follow the tour in real time as I post pictures and commentary on our dedicated Crop Tour Twitter account, just drop me a line and I’ll send you details by return.