Thursday, 24 March 2016

Latest news for Black Sea Crop Tours 2016

After a hectic few weeks sorting out visas, flights, vehicles, drivers, security, routes, accommodation, I can finally announce the first Black Sea Crop Tour of the season is go.

I am currently in London with passport & visa and will be flying to Moscow on Saturday to kick off the Russian leg of the tour on Sunday.

The plan is to head east to look at the condition of winter wheat in the areas where I believe it has been at most risk.

We will leave the southern regions until the May tour as all indications are there are no particular issues there at this time.

After four days we will return west and cross into Ukraine before heading to the southern regions to take a look at crops there which have suffered from a dry autumn and difficult winter before heading north through the centre of the country.

You’ll appreciate why we are being a little vague with our travel plans but we intend to cover around 3,000km over eight days of what I believe to be the key winter crop areas requiring assessment.

I will be reporting the crop condition in real time to subscribers via our member’s only Twitter account (not yet live) and will follow up the tour with a full report of findings, analysis and comment.

There is still time to sign up (details on the Crop Tour page, above) and to those of you who have yet to hear back from me, I will be in contact today/tomorrow.

After this tour we will have a short break before running the second tour of the season to look at the condition of the emerging spring crops with particular interest in corn, sunflower and soya.

Any questions email me at the usual address or via the contact form on this page and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

Wish us luck.