Friday, 4 March 2016

Black Sea Crop Tour 2016; update

A weeks a long time in politics and, so it seems, in planning a Crop Tour.

Thanks to all those who have registered an interest in subscribing and supporting this years Crop Tours.

I am working my way through getting back to you all as quickly as I can, expect an email over the weekend if you haven't already heard anything from me.

I tend to forget the time it takes to plan and execute a Crop Tour, the logistics, planning, organisation, visa, vehicles, drivers, security, tools etc but we are now getting everything in line for a kick off later this month.

Early reports are conditions are not too bad across most of the Black Sea region, an early spring with an early fertiliser will give the more backward crops a boost although it should be noted that it can still turn bitterly cold in March.

Spring cereal planting is underway with Ukraine reporting 82,800 hectares or 3% of the planned area completed while Russia has 219,300 hectares or 0.4% in the ground.

None of which will do anything to dissuade the bear market although reports that a third of the Ukraine crop is in poor condition will no doubt sit a little uncomfortably in some peoples minds.

It would only take the hint of a dry spring before the crop which is already down 10% on last year and with 33% in poor condition could start to look like a problem.

Reports that soil moisture is plentiful shouldn't be taken too literally either; chernozem and the like doesn't hold on to water all that well, wet soil can turn to dry soil and very dry soil very quickly.

Still plenty of time to subscribe, follow and support us on our second Black Sea Crop Touring season, just drop me a line.