Thursday, 4 February 2016

Black Sea weather elevates crop damage risk

The weather in Ukraine and Russia has changed and is quietly threatening overwintered crops.

Mild temperatures and rain has reduced, and in some regions, completely depleted snow cover leaving crops exposed and vulnerable to any drop in temperature.

The picture was taken on the Russian Ukraine border earlier today.

Thing is I’m not reading anything about this in the press so I’m not sure the market will react or if it does it will be “oh yeah, here we go again, storm in a tea cup”.

But as an agronomist what I am seeing makes me concerned for this seasons yields and output bearing in mind that the south and east Ukraine crop was not in the best of condition anyway and much of the FSU has already been exposed to cold with no snow once already this winter.

It is only February and we still have a lot of winter to come until we reach the safety of spring.

We will be conducting another Crop Tour in Late March across Ukraine and Russia (and Kazakhstan if funds allow) to assess the post winter crop condition, only then will we really be able to fully assess the impact of this winter but my feeling thus far is it will be higher than average.

Crop Tour subscription details to follow soon.