Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Black Sea Crop Tours 2016

Last year we successfully piloted a series of independent crop tours across Ukraine and Russia.

This year we are extending the service to cover key crop stages across the whole of the Ukraine and Russian seasons.

We kick off the year in March with a look at how autumn planted crops fared the winter and what the potential might be for harvest.

We follow this up in May when we will assess planting conditions for corn, sunflower and soya and how they look at the start of their season.

From July we will start to look at the harvest potential of the early crops of wheat and oilseed rape and later, in August corn, sunflower and soya.

We then turn our attentions to the new season crop when we will cover the post-emergence condition of the autumn planted crops in October and how they look before they enter the winter.

In addition to the scheduled tours we will also investigate any significant crop related news reports as they occur through the season such as localised pest infestations or drought.

We will also visit farms to gauge opinion of how their season is progressing.

All tours will be reported in real time through a members Twitter account with photographs, video, comments and observations posted as they happen.

We will use a rapid appraisal technique to condition score as much crop as possible and more a detailed assessments of sample fields looking at growth stages, plant counts, soil condition, pest and diseases and so on.

This entire process will enable us to form a picture of the target crops at key stages through the production cycle and to comment on how this will influence yield outcome.

Full reports will be emailed on completion of each tour.

The individual annual subscription for this service is £650.

By investing in our service you will allow us to continue to develop what we believe is a valuable asset for traders, farmers and other interested groups.

(Company rates and student discounts available, individual reports available, email for details)

Subscription benefits include:
  • Ten scheduled Crop Tour reports
  • Additional reports verifying crop related news reports
  • Access to a members only Twitter account
  • Access to ask direct questions, seek clarification or share opinion
  • Access to all posted pictures, video and commentary
  • Regular bulletins covering points of interest throughout the season
Please register your interest or send questions to blackseacroptour@gmail.com