Monday, 11 January 2016

Melted snow in parts of Ukraine leave crops exposed

Rain and warmer temperatures in southern Ukraine melted snow that fell last week leaving already struggling crops vulnerable and exposed to low temperatures.

Forecast are indicating low temperatures towards the end of next week with only light snow on offer which will not provide much in the way of protection.

Current winter wheat conditions in eastern Ukraine is being described as not good and daily temperature fluctuations are giving wheat yield and quality a hard time.

Further south and farmers are putting about 70% of wheat is in good condition with replanting’s possibly at 20% and winter wheat production down 20-40% on last year.

Farmers are talking of replanting with sunflower and corn rather than spring cereals but cash flow issues will dictate what can actually be planted.

I haven’t yet had it confirmed but I believe it is a similar situation in parts of southern Russia with warmer weather and rain melting snow although crops there are in a better condition and will be able to withstand all colder weather better.